Warehouse Insurance

You coordinate complex processes involving many moving parts including people, equipment and inventory. From receiving through packing and shipping, you need to plan to anticipate potential risks, while expecting the unexpected.

What should your business consider when choosing warehouse insurance protection?

Your customers trust you to safely handle and store their materials, components and finished products. One disaster or mistake could put both you and your customers in a financial bind. Whether cargo is damaged by a flood or an employee is injured in a forklift accident, Great American has specialized insurance options that can help protect your warehouse operations.
  1. You’re responsible for your customers’ items while they're in your possession. Help safeguard the goods they’ve entrusted to you with bailee insurance.

  2. Forklifts, stacked pallet racks, dangerous materials and other potential hazards all increase the risk of warehouse worker injury. Our workers’ compensation coverage can help protect your business and employees in case of an accident.

  3. We offer industry leading non-admitted property and casualty products to the wholesale brokerage market that target risk profiles such as warehouses.

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