Covers bodily injury, property damage, legal expenses and clean-up costs resulting from pollution conditions associated with a covered location on a claims-made basis. It also covers an insured’s pollution liability arising from non-owned disposal sites, transportation of products or wastes, business interruption, contingent business interruption, biological hazards and incidental contracting services.

Special Risks Enhancement

This policy is suitable for many facilities, including:

  • Environmental facilities including landfills, recyclers and treatment plants
  • Real estate properties including apartments, condominiums, hotels, offices and shopping centers
  • Chemical/petroleum facilities including distribution, manufacturing and storage facilities
  • Commercial facilities including food and warehouse facilities, airports and universities
  • Healthcare facilities including hospitals, healthcare centers and nursing homes
  • Industrial facilities including light and general manufacturing plants
  • Municipalities and utilities

Policy Benefits

  • Coverage for both new and historical conditions
  • Coverage provided for gradual and sudden and accidental events
  • Pollution conditions covered both on and off-site. Coverage is triggered by the discovery of pollution condition or a claim made by a third party
  • Contracting services performed by the insured can be covered on an occurrence basis and includes a discovery trigger
  • Coverage for non-owned disposal sites on an unscheduled basis
  • Occurrence in-bound and out-bound transportation coverage to or from a covered location
  • On-site clean-up costs for biological hazards
  • Coverage for business interruption and contingent business interruption
  • Coverage for emergency response costs
  • Legal expense is provided within the limit of liability
  • The policy broadly defines who is an insured
  • The definition of bodily injury includes building related illness and medical and environmental monitoring
  • The definition of replacement costs includes green building materials
  • Coverage includes compensatory, punitive, multiplied or exemplary damages and civil fines, penalties and assessments, where insurable by law
  • The definition of pollutants includes mold, legionella, electromagnetic fields and methamphetamines
  • Definition of pollution condition includes illicit abandonment of pollutants at a covered location or by a carrier during transit
  • Definition of property damage includes natural resource damages
  • Ninety (90) day Automatic and three (3) years Optional Extended Reporting Period for claims-made coverage grants

Policy Features

  • Limits of Liability up to $50 million each pollution condition/$100 million aggregate
  • Policy terms of up to ten (10) years
  • $7,500 minimum premiums
  • Covers locations in the U.S. or Canada
  • Separate limits can apply to each coverage part

Submission Requirements

  • GAIG General Application For Environmental Insurance
  • Most recent environmental reports or a GAIG Supplement Application For Premises Environmental Liability Insurance
  • Past three (3) years loss history
  • Last two (2) years financial statements and/or 10-K report