Discover What We Cover: A Great American Environmental Podcast

Great American’s Environmental Division has launched a podcast for environmental brokers! Our episodes will cover numerous topics ranging from industry trends to environmental insurance FAQs. View our available episodes below.

Tune in to learn additional details about our Commercial Lender coverage offerings and real-life examples of sites we would cover!

Discover the ins and outs of environmental insurance as our underwriters discuss the most commonly asked questions in the industry!

Episode three of Discover What We Cover features an interview with Sara Brothers, Vice President and Director of the Division’s Technical Support team. The interview discusses the competitive advantages that our internal team provides for both brokers and insureds through their numerous risk control resources and services.

Discover the latest online innovation in obtaining a quote and binding a policy for all your storage tank needs with Great American Environmental's latest program, TankAssure®!

Episode five of Discover What We Cover discusses Contracting Services, or CSE, policy. This policy is crafted with contractors in mind, offering more than just standard environmental pollution coverage. As one of our three available forms, this episode will be the first of our three-part series.

Episode six of Discover What We Cover is the second installment in our series discussing our contracting services products. This episode dives into our Professional Contracting Services Environmental Liability, or PCM, policy where we discuss our specialized coverage for processional contractors. As one of our three available forms, this episode is the second of our three-part series.

Episode seven of Discover What We Cover is the third and final installment in our series discussing our contracting services products. This episode takes a look at our Contracting Services Project Specific, or CSP policy and details numerous considerations for obtaining such a policy.

Episode eight of Discover What We Cover features Divisional Vice President and Executive Underwriter, Rick Ringenwald, who joins us to share tips on how brokers can perform their own professional due diligence when selecting an environmental insurance carrier for their clients.

Episode nine of Discover What We Cover features information on two of the division’s strongest features: commitment to service excellence and industry longevity. Listen to our latest episode to learn about all the great the Environmental Division has accomplished through the years and plans to continue for decades to come.

Episode ten of Discover What We Cover features Divisional Vice President of National Underwriting, Heather Boyd, and Production Underwriter, Kristin Leo, who joins us to discuss the various ways storage tank owners and operators can satisfy their state’s financial assurance requirements.

Additional episodes are in production and will be added as completed. Subscribe to our email list to receive notifications when our latest episodes are released!

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