Specialized Programs for the Financial Institution Marketplace

Based in Chicago, we provide insurance products for financial institutions’ needs. Our team proactively develops new products and services with a guiding principle to make business easier, more secure and more profitable for you through innovative product concepts and insurance solutions. Target clients include commercial banks, credit unions, finance companies, buy-here pay-here dealers and leasing and rental concerns. By aligning our interests with yours, we become an industry leader in responding to the ever-changing needs in the financial institution marketplace.

Some of our products include:

  • Lender Placed Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)
  • Blanket Lenders Single Interest Insurance (VSI)
  • Equipment Physical Damage Insurance
  • Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP)
  • Instant Issue Collateral Protection Insurance
  • Lender Placed Mortgage Hazard and Flood Insurance
  • Real Estate Owned Property and Liability Insurance
  • Blanket Mortgage Fire Insurance
  • Credit Involuntary Unemployment/ Job Loss Insurance
  • Renters Insurance/Tenant Legal Liability/ Security Deposit Insurance
  • Data Breach/Data Security Insurance
  • Dealer Supplemental Products and Warranty Products
  • Credit Life and Other Debt Cancellation Programs