Find Coverage for Your Small Business:

Every day, PolicySweet provides coverage to main street and home-based businesses across the United States. We work to meet the unique needs of businesses in a variety of industries and sizes, including:

Our Coverages:

PolicySweet provides you with the ability to purchase workers’ compensation, business owners policy (BOP), or both coverage options in only a few minutes.

Business Owners Policy

A business owners policy, or a BOP, is made for most small business owners and wraps multiple forms of coverage, including general liability insurance, property insurance and cyber insurance, into one convenient package. Keep your policy simple and help save yourself time and money by not having to purchase each coverage separately.

Workers' Compensation

Workplace accidents are an unfortunate everyday possibility, but workers’ compensation can provide a safety net for you and your employees after an incident occurs. Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to provide coverage for the costs associated with workplace accidents and is legally required in several states. If your employee is injured or falls ill due to work conditions on the job, workers’ compensation can help cover lost wages, medical and treatment expenses, and compensation for fatal injuries. It may also offer protection in the event your employee files a lawsuit against your business due to a workplace accident.