Energy Insurance

From gas to electric, windmills to solar panels, the energy industry keeps our world moving. Energy companies need to make sure that the equipment, employees and vehicles that help power our communities don’t short circuit.

What should your energy company consider when choosing energy insurance protection?

Whether a powerplant causes pollution or a construction worker is injured while installing renewable energy equipment, Great American offers solutions to meet the energy industry’s needs.
  1. Your day-to-day operations could have sudden or gradual environmental impacts on land or offshore. Our vessel pollution liability coverage, premises policy and more can help cover bodily injury, property damage, legal expenses and building-related clean-up costs resulting from pollution.

  2. Protect your company from construction risks that often occur on energy facilities, such as accidents involving fleet vehicles transferring materials, contractors failing to abide by a contract, equipment damage, injuries and more.

  3. You have unique risks and insurance needs, which are often underserved by the insurance industry. Our specialty general liability protection is designed for well-run businesses that find needed coverage is often hard to place.

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