Look around your construction site and do some quick calculations. You could have millions of dollars of equipment that you own or lease on your site at one time. You could face significant losses due to theft, accidents, vandalism, fire or other causes. Our Contractor’s Equipment coverage is a highly flexible policy with several important options that protect your business.

Optional coverages available include:

  • We offer two form options, including an Automatic Acquisition Coverage Form and a traditional scheduled form.
  • Automatic Acquisition Coverage Form eliminates the need to endorse the policy for scheduled changes, which ensures that even your newest property is covered (subject to a newly acquired limit).
  • Both coverage forms include coverage for expenses that are often overlooked, such as Debris Removal, Pollution Clean-Up, Fire Department Service and Crime Reward.
  • No flood or earthquake exclusions mean better coverage and a more competitive product.
  • Valuation option:
    • Actual Cash Value (base valuation),
    • Replacement Cost – Replace covered equipment with comparable current model year (subject to insurance to value requirements),
    • Stated Amount, or
    • Partial Loss – Elimination of Deduction for Depreciation for losses not exceeding 20%

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