While you’re busy turning blueprints to buildings, the last thing you need to worry about is making sure your property is properly insured. Cornerstone Complete® is our new and most comprehensive builders risk product that recognizes the changing and increasing exposures at both new and renovation construction projects. It’s a coverage form that is well-suited for projects ranging from a small remodel to skyscrapers. Cornerstone Complete® can be tailored to meet the specific insurance needs of any given project and show our commitment to the construction industry.

With a Cornerstone Complete® policy, included are many coverages that others don’t provide or only provide when specifically requested and endorsed to their policy.

These are some of our Policy Features for your commercial construction needs:

  • Broad definitions of covered property
  • Ability to cover usable existing structures as part of renovation projects
  • Broad additional insured/waiver of subrogation
  • Multiple valuation options for new work and existing structures
  • Multiple project and premium reporting options for blanket reporting policies
  • Coinsurance options
  • Broadened causes of Loss that trigger optional Time Element coverage
  • Broad definitions for optional Flood, Earthquake and Earth Movement

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