We’ve Got You Covered from Bridge to Keel

There are many risks threatening the maritime industry that can have disastrous effects on a business’s bottom line and reputation. It’s critical you have an experienced, responsive insurance carrier at the helm.

Only a handful of carriers have our depth of experience; fewer still have the extensive product selection, and only one has both. We have responded to the special needs of marine-based businesses by developing one of the most extensive selections of Ocean Marine insurance products available from a single carrier. That means the right coverage for every business, from a small resort marina to an ocean-going cargo ship.

Why Choose Great American Ocean Marine?

  • Simpler Process for Agents, Competitive Quotes for Insureds
    With one of the largest portfolios of products in the marine industry available from ONE carrier, when you place multiple coverages with Great American, there is less back and forth. We save you valuable time and can offer very competitive quotes.
  • A Knowledgeable Staff, An Extension of Your Team
    With 50+ years’ experience insuring ocean-related businesses, our team’s expertise in many facets of marine claims come in handy with problem solving and cost containment.
  • A Nationwide Team, Ready to Serve
    We have a nationwide network of underwriters and claims staff with eleven offices in North America. Our response time is among the best in the industry.

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