A Marine Craftmaster is an individual or a small business that:

  • Repairs, services, or installs equipment on private pleasure or small commercial watercraft
  • Works at the vessel's location in marinas or yards owned by others
  • Has maximum gross receipts of $1,000,000 a year

Marine businesses that fit this program include:

  • Repair and/or installation of Electronics, Fiberglass, Canvas/Sails/Upholstery
  • Repair-engines
  • Detailing/cleaning includes businesses that dive to do this work
  • Carpentry/woodworking
  • Painting


Combined: Shiprepairers and General Liability


  • Bailee coverage - covers your liability for goods of others while ashore in your care, custody, and control
  • Protection and Indemnity - when you are operating customers' boats for testing or repair
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Transit


Up to $ 1,000,000 single limit


Premiums are based on the type of work performed.