Because you are buying a promise, you want to know that the insurance company you choose is financially strong. One way to judge this is by the ratings assigned by outside rating agencies.

Major rating agencies issue public ratings on the insurance companies within the Great American Insurance Group. Financial strength or claims-paying ability ratings apply to individual insurance companies. The rating criteria and designations vary for each agency. Visit the agencies' websites for information about the rating agencies and their rating processes.

Annuity Group

A.M. Best1Standard & Poor's2Moody's3
Annuity Investors Life Insurance CompanyA (Excellent)A+Not Rated
Great American Life Insurance CompanyA (Excellent)A+A2

Specialty Property & Casualty Insurance Group​ ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​​ ​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​​ ​​ ​ ​ ​

Great American Insurance Company (lead)A+ (Superior)A+A1
Great American Alliance Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+A1
Great American Assurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+A1
Great American Casualty Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+​A1
Great American Contemporary Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+A1
Great American E & S Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+​A1
Great American Fidelity Insurance Company​A+ (Superior)​A+A1
Great American Insurance Company of New YorkA+ (Superior)A+A1
Great American Lloyd's Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)Not RatedA1
Great American Protection Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+A1
Great American Security Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+A1
Great American Spirit Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+A1
American Empire Surplus Lines Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+Not Rated
American Empire Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+Not Rated
​Mid-Continent Casualty Company (lead)A+ (Superior)A+Not Rated
​Mid-Continent Assurance CompanyA+ (Superior)A+Not Rated
​Mid-Continent Excess and Surplus Income CompanyA+ (Superior)Not RatedNot Rated
​​Oklahoma Surety CompanyA+ (Superior)A+Not Rated
​Republic Indemnity Company of America (lead)A (Excellent)A+A3
​​Bridgefield Casualty Insurance CompanyA (Excellent)A+Not Rated
​Bridgefield Employers Insurance CompanyA (Excellent)A+Not Rated
​​Republic Indemnity Company of CaliforniaA (Excellent)A+Not Rated
​​National Interstate Insurance Company (lead)A+ (Superior)Not RatedNot Rated
​​​National Interstate Insurance Company of HawaiiA+ (Superior)Not RatedNot Rated
​​​​Triumphe Casualty CompanyA+ (Superior)Not RatedNot Rated
​​​​Vanliner Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)Not RatedNot Rated

International Operations

​El Águila, Compañía de SegurosA- (Excellent)Not RatedNot Rated
Great American International Insurance (EU) DACNot RatedA+Not Rated
Great American International Insurance (UK) Ltd.Not RatedA+Not Rated
​Neon Underwriting Limited4A (Excellent)A+Not Rated

1A.M. Best rating affirmed September 11, 2019 for all companies except El Águila and Neon Underwriting Limited. El Águila rating affirmed November 14, 2019. ​A.M. Best rating of "A+" (Superior) is second of 16 ratings; "A" (Excellent) is third of 16 ratings.

2Standard & Poor’s rating affirmed March 14, 2019 for all companies except Neon Underwriting Limited and Great American International Insurance (UK) Ltd. Great American International Insurance (UK) Ltd. rating is as of August 6, 2019. Standard & Poor's rating of "A+" is fifth of 22 ratings.

3Moody's rating published October 2019. Moody's rating of "A1" is fifth of 21 ratings; "A2" is sixth of 21 ratings; "A3" is seventh of 21 ratings.

4Ratings for Neon Underwriting Limited are determined by the rating of Lloyd's. See Lloyd's website for a discussion of these ratings.

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