Transportation Insurance

You cover a lot of ground. With constant movement of large-scale vehicles comes constant large-scale risks. You need to work with insurance professionals who have specialty knowledge of your unique risks and challenges so that you can stay focused on the many logistics you have to take care of.

What should your transportation or logistics company consider when choosing transportation insurance protection?

Precious lives and millions of dollars of cargo move across the country daily. Whether it’s a public transit system, a school bus carrying students or a long-haul truck, one wrong turn and it’s stopped.
  1. Our occupational accident insurance can help protect your most important asset – the people who move your vehicles.

  2. Physical damage to a vehicle whether it happened in an accident, during a natural disaster or at the hands of a thief could put your truck out of commission. Our physical damage insurance protection can help cover your vehicles wherever the road takes you.

  3. Whether you’re a moving storage, parcel or home delivery business, our commercial fleet, small fleet, independent owner operator and alternative risk transfer programs can help protect your business and its future.


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