We Have it Covered: Transportation by Land, Air and Sea

We Have It Covered - Transportation

Great American offers a wide range of coverages for the transportation industry. See if you can spot these 11 property and casualty coverages we offer for travel by land, air and sea.

  1. Trucks: Trucking and National Interstate provide coverages for trucks and the cargo they transport.
  2. Tractors: AgriBusiness® offers a wide range of products for farm machinery and auto, including tractors.
  3. School Buses: Specialty Human Services and National Interstate provide coverages for school buses.
  4. Aircraft: Aviation provides coverage for aircraft, including planes and helicopters.
  5. Armored Car: Fidelity / Crime provides coverage for armored cars, which securely transport valuables.
  6. Highways/Bridges: The Bond Division offers a variety of bonds for the transportation industry, including contract bonds supporting the construction of highways and bridges.
  7. Boats: Ocean Marine offers coverage for a wide range of marine products, including workboats, barges, ferries and yachts.
  8. Construction Equipment: Property & Inland Marine provides coverage for contractor's equipment and construction machinery.
  9. Auto/Motor Repair: Republic Indemnity offers workers' compensation insurance for small to mid-sized auto repair entities. Alternative Markets provides coverage for auto parts stores.
  10. Ambulances: National Interstate provides coverage for private emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation operations.
  11. Waste Removal: Environmental offers a variety of coverages for waste removal.

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