Coverages Including Cargo, Hull, Liability, Pollution and Marine Property and Casualty

The specialized expertise of the Ocean Marine Division of Great American Insurance Group, plus a national network of skilled agents and brokers, enables us to provide unparalleled service to the marine industry. Only a handful of carriers have this depth of experience; fewer still have the extensive product selection and only one — Great American — has both.

About Us

Great American has been insuring ocean-related businesses since 1962. For over 50 years, Great American has responded to the special needs of a marine-based business by developing one of the most extensive selections of Ocean Marine insurance products available from a single carrier. That means the right coverage for every business, from a small resort marina to ocean-going cargo and luxury yachts.

The Ocean Marine Division's specialized focus allows it to support select customer groups with unparalleled experience and expertise, in both underwriting and claims. Great American maintains a property casualty unit within the Ocean Marine Division, allowing all of your business needs to be serviced and maintained centrally. Contact your local Great American office for a review and quote for your business needs.

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