Our Transportation Insurance (sometimes referred to as Shipper’s Interest) coverage form protects shipments of owned covered property against direct physical loss, while in course of inland transit and at non-owned locations.

We include a number of coverage extensions without charge such as:

  • Loading & Unloading (full limits)
  • Reloading Expense ($5,000)
  • Debris Removal (10% of direct loss amount up to $5,000)

There are no exclusions for flood, earthquake, fraud, trick or device, voluntary parting, unauthorized instructions, pilferage, denting, chipping, marring or scratching, breakage of fragile articles, contact with roadbed and curbing, or neglect of the insured to safeguard property.

Valuation is determined by net invoice. If there is no invoice, valuation will be the actual cash value, plus shipping charges incurred. We do not offer coverage for shipments to and from Hawaii.

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