We offer a unique inland marine coverage form targeted for radio and TV stations and cable TV systems. The form is suited equally for the small independent radio or television broadcaster including public radio and television stations and cable providers, as well as large multi-station broadcast companies.

Broadcasters & Cable TV

It doesn’t take much to damage a station’s equipment and buildings, so you want to be protected when it does. Great American’s coverage form for broadcasters and cable TV systems is suited equally for small independent radio or television broadcasters, as well as large multi-station broadcast companies.

Covered property includes:

  • Towers, antennae including foundations and support cables
  • Transmission equipment and systems
  • Studio production and broadcast equipment
  • Portable equipment including mobile broadcast vehicles

Additional Coverage:

  • Newly Acquired Locations $250,000, Debris Removal (25% of physical “loss” amount), Additional Insurance $100,000. If the direct physical “loss” and debris removal expense exceed the Limit of Insurance
  • Pollutant Clean Up and Removal up to $10,000
  • Loss Data Preparation Cost up to $5,000
  • Protective Equipment up to $50,000
  • Removal Expense (to a safe location) up to $50,000
  • Fire Department Service Charges up to $10,000

Optional Coverage:

  • Flood & Surface Water
  • Limited Flood
  • Broad Form Flood & Water Damage
  • Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Business Income & Extra Expense
  • Off Premises Power & Communications Interruption

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