Working with Claims – 5 Handy Tips

No one wants or expects to submit a claim to their insurance company. Here are 5 tips to make the process go more smoothly.


The businesses and organizations in your hometown help create a vibrant economy. We help them stay safe and secure by protecting them from many environmental risks. These risks might be lurking in some of the places you frequent! Are there any that surprise you?

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Achieving success in the insurance industry and on the football field may be more similar than you’d think. Environmental’s Barry Geisler recently reflected on the key elements he attributes to the success of a team. Read more here.

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Through our Environmental lender policy, there is now insurance geared toward lender interests. This allows them the ability to accept exposures on properties that might have previously been too risky. With added protection, your clients may be able to consider certain risks differently. Learn more about our unique solutions.

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