Products Pollution Liability Insurance Policy

Covers the Insured for loss and clean-up costs as a result of a claim for bodily injury, property damage or environmental damage because of a pollution condition caused by the Insured’s product. This policy also provides coverage when the product has been put to its intended use by a person or entity that’s not an Insured. Coverage also applies to a pollution condition caused by the Insured’s product during transportation by a third party.

This policy is suitable for many manufacturers and distributors of various products, including:

  • Paints and chemicals
  • Metal goods, automotive parts
  • Machinery and machinery parts
  • Plastic and rubber goods
  • Other commercial products

(Ineligible products include cosmetics, products that can be ingested, talcum powder, medical products (invasive), nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, turf fields, gym floors, products containing benzene, etc.)

Coverage Details

  • Limits of Liability up to $5 million
  • Policy term of one (1) year
  • $5,000 minimum premium
  • Applies to products in the U.S.

Submission Requirements

  • Completed Products Pollution Liability Application
  • Five (5) years of GL, EIL, Products Liability, or Products Pollution Liability loss runs (including spills or environmental losses that may not show on loss runs)
  • Details regarding Warranty and Quality Control program for the product
  • Product brochures
  • Product liability risk control surveys
  • Safety Data Sheets, if applicable
  • Past two (2) years of audited financial statements

Policy Benefits

  • Coverage provided on occurrence or claims made basis.
  • Coverage provided for gradual and sudden and accidental events.
  • Legal expense is provided within the limit of liability.
  • The policy broadly defines who is an Insured.
  • The definition of bodily injury includes building related illness and medical and environmental monitoring.
  • Coverage includes compensatory, punitive, multiplied or exemplary damages and civil fines, penalties and assessments, where insurable by law.
  • Punitive, exemplary, or multiplied damages, or civil fines, penalties and assessments, where insurance by law, included within the definition of Loss.
  • Definition of property damage includes natural resource damages.