Great American Environmental Announces New Coverage for Products Pollution

The Environmental Division of Great American Insurance Group is pleased to announce the newest addition to its suite of environmental products. Products Pollution is specifically designed for manufacturers and distributors of various products including but not limited to paints and chemicals, metal goods, automotive parts, machinery and machinery parts, plastic and rubber goods, and other commercial products.

Often excluded from an insured general liability coverage, the Products Pollution policy provides coverage for loss and clean-up costs as a result of a claim for bodily injury, property damage or environmental damage because of a pollution condition caused by the insured's product.

Coverage applies when the product has been put to its intended use by a person or entity that's not an insured and also applies to a pollution condition caused by the insured's product during transportation by a third party.

"With any new product or service we develop, we are crafting it with client needs as the driving factor," said Rick Ringenwald, Environmental Division Vice President and Executive Underwriter. "We heard the need for a standalone products pollution offering and knew it was necessary to provide our brokers with an option that fills the gaps a general liability of site pollution form may have."

Policy benefits include coverage provided on occurrence or claims made basis and for gradual, sudden and accidental events. Legal expense is provided within the limit of liability.

The policy broadly defines who is an insured, and the definition of bodily injury includes building related illness, and medical and environmental monitoring. The definition of property damage includes natural resource damages as well.

Coverage Details

  • Limits of Liability up to $5 million
  • Policy term of one (1) year
  • $5,000 minimum premium
  • Applies to products in the U.S.

Coverage includes compensatory, punitive, multiplied or exemplary damages and civil fines, penalties and assessments, where insurable by law within the definition of loss.

As with all of product offerings, the division's dynamic team structure allows for swift decision making and support of the growth of our specialty coverages, products, and program business. Great American's Environmental Division will continue to offer its current broad suite of site pollution and contractor's pollution/professional and specialty environmental products such as Closure and/or Post Closure and site pollution for commercial lenders for any interested insured on an open brokerage basis.

"With any business decision the division makes, the first priority is always to maintain the service-oriented, collaborative culture that differentiates us in the industry and sets Great American apart," said Mark Vuono, President of Great American's Environmental Division. "As we work to best support our brokers, our goal is to ensure our suite of product offerings continues to exceed brokers' and clients' expectations."

Great American Environmental is a strong, respected carrier committed to strategic growth within its established markets through the addition of relevant and valuable coverage for clients. Great American's Environmental Division can capitalize on the fact that while the division has become larger, stronger and more flexible than any point in its history, its culture and values have not changed. Even as the division continues to grow, the commitment to maintaining its values-based, collaborative culture remains at the forefront of our business strategy.

Underwriting Contact:

Rick Ringenwald; [email protected]

Media Contact:

Kelsey Hill; [email protected]

Ineligible products for this coverage include cosmetics, products that can be ingested, talcum powder, medical products (non-invasive), nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, turf fields, gym floors, PFAS, products containing benzene, etc.

Submission Requirements

  • Completed Products Pollution Liability Application
  • Five (5) years of GL, EIL, Products Liability, or Products Pollution Liability loss runs (including spills or environmental losses that may not show on loss runs)
  • Details regarding Warranty and Quality Control program for the product
  • Product brochures
  • Product liability risk control surveys
  • Safety Data Sheets, if applicable
  • Past two (2) years of audited financial statements

Great American's Environmental Division is comprised of a team of experts who can help uncover the hidden risks in your clients' operations and develop a custom program to help protect them. We offer coverage to a wide variety of commercial operations - for both new and historical conditions, both on and off-site, and for gradual and sudden events.

Our smart underwriting, swift claims handling and exceptional service has allowed us to become the provider of choice for our clients and one of only a handful of carriers to serve the industry for nearly a dozen consecutive years. Great American's dedicated Environmental Division is proud to work with you on what we value the most: keeping your business strong, and in turn, our world clean for generations to come.