What the 2024 Color of the Year Can Teach You

2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Our Fidelity / Crime Division’s Andrew Gristina, Fine Art Director, once again speaks on PANTONE’s Color of the Year and how it came to fruition.

“Every December I look forward to PANTONE’s announcement for The Color of the Year. The color selected is always a surprise but 2024 left me dazed. They have selected Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023). Peach Fuzz? Upon seeing the webpage my initial response was something like “is that a color?” My grandmother’s pocketbook was the first object that came to mind. I admit that my sense of color is not refined like that of my artists and designer friends. I tend to think of color as a contrasting statement like a red Italian sportscar or a bright green tie with a grey suit.

However, after reading more from PANTONE and thinking about it (for a while), I have come around. My wife will tell you that I don’t harmonize the colors of my clothes well. Those of you who know me are aware that my wardrobe is mostly just different shades of green and brown. This year’s color naturally occurs with abundance in nature and harmonizes well with many colors and hues. That seems like a good resolution for the year. I think I will try to harmonize with more of the world around me.

I hope you enjoy recognizing and harmonizing with this color as it inevitably shows up over the next 12 months. To reference PANTONE’s own explanation, harmonizing is like walking and talking. They work together without effort. You and your insurance coverage should be the same. Your coverage should harmonize with everyday business and life. Great American is happy to make that happen with our flexible underwriting and customized coverages.”

As always, many thanks to PANTONE for their unique interpretation of our world and their positive message.

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