We Have It Covered - A Cornucopia of Coverages

Man and woman sitting at thanksgiving table watching football

Happy Thanksgiving! Great American has an abundance (or should we say, cornucopia) of property and casualty coverages related to Thanksgiving. See if you can spot them during your own celebrations.

  1. Wheat: The Crop Division offers coverage for wheat crops and other grains.
  2. Pumpkins/Apples: The Crop Division offers coverage for pumpkin and apple crops that are used to make pumpkin and apple pies.
  3. Wine: Alternative Market's WineryPak® program offers customized insurance solutions for wineries and vineyards.
  4. Cranberries: The Crop Division offers coverage for cranberry crops.
  5. Potatoes: The Crop Division offers coverage for potato crops.
  6. Turkeys: The AgriBusiness® Division offers coverage for poultry farms.

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