We Have It Covered - Here’s to a Great School Year!

Back to School Insurance Risks - Infographic

Schools are preparing to open and welcome back students, and we have it covered! Many of Great American's "classes" of business offer coverages to help ensure a safe year ahead. Can you spot the property and casualty coverages we offer for a great school year?

1. Apples: A symbol of appreciation for teachers, Crop covers the production of apples, and AgriBusiness® covers the equipment and processing.

2. Latch Key/After-School Programs: Specialty Human Services offers coverage for students while attending Latch Key and other after-school programs.

3. On Campus, Field Trips and School-Sponsored Events: Accident & Health provides coverage for students and volunteers while they are on field trips or other school-sponsored events, such as sporting events. This includes travel to and from these events.

4. School Buses: National Interstate and Specialty Human Services cover the school buses that transport students to and from school.

5. Teachers: Specialty Human Services offers coverages for educators and professionals working in school districts.

6. Students: Specialty Human Services and Accident & Health offer coverage for students during school hours as well as for school-sponsored events. Specialty Human Services also covers after-school programs for students.

7. Fidelity / Crime covers security guards, who help keep special events at schools safe.

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