What is Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance?

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance provides protection against security risks for individuals and a variety of organizations domestically in the United States and around the world. Insured events can include Kidnaps for Ransom, Extortions, Wrongful Detentions, Hijacks, Threats, Disappearances, Hostage Crisis situations, Security Evacuations, Express Kidnaps, and Child Abductions. Most importantly, coverage for the fees and services of a Security Consultant is provided under a Kidnap Ransom & Extortion policy.

Why Buy Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance?

Although those involved with international travel and business dealings may have increased risk, no individual or organization is immune. A kidnapping may well be the most traumatic event in the lives of victims, their families and their friends. The costs – physical, emotional and economic – can be devastating.

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance

Who’s at Risk?

  • Domestic firms with foreign travel patterns
  • Businesses manufacturing a product
  • Corporations with overseas operations or contract work
  • Students at schools and universities traveling abroad
  • Wealthy individuals or families
  • Hospitals and day care centers
  • Establishments dependent upon public access such as concert halls, casinos, shopping malls and amusement parks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Any domestic organization can also be at risk to extortion attempts or threats

Available Coverages

We offer the following coverages under our standard policy:

  • Kidnap for Ransom
  • Wrongful Detention
  • Hijack
  • Extortion
  • Ransom in Transit
  • Unlimited Security Consultant Fees and Expenses
  • Legal Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Disappearance
  • Hostage Crisis
  • Express Kidnap
  • Child Abduction

Coverages available via endorsement

  • Alternate Loss of Earnings
  • Threat Response Expense
  • Travel and Expatriate Security Evacuation
  • Products Loss
  • Assault Expense

How to help protect yourself or your organization

Though there is a legal duty for organizations to exercise reasonable care in providing safety, many lack the resources and personnel to respond quickly to events that threaten their security. Great American Insurance Group's Fidelity / Crime Division has secured the services of Control Risks, the industry's recognized leader and most experienced response team. Under the terms of a Great American Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion policy®, Control Risks will provide the immediate support of a fully-trained, experienced consultant to assist claimants. Control Risks provides advisory services during crisis events and assists in negotiations with extortionists and kidnappers. Their experience spans every region in the world throughout more than 150 countries.

What We Offer

Some advantages of a Great American Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion policy are as follows:

  • We offer limits of liability up to $65 million.
  • Customized coverage can be written for a corporation or individuals.
  • Infant abduction coverage is provided for hospitals and daycares.
  • $0 deductible.
  • Coverage is provided for worldwide territories.
  • Coverage includes the services of Control Risks, the industry’s most experienced crisis response team.
  • Our policy provides unlimited fees and expenses for the services of Control Risks.
  • Broad definition of insured with the ability to tailor coverage to meet the insured’s specific needs.
  • We offer tailored coverage for hospitals, banks, academic institutions and houses of worship.

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