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Small Business Crime

Employee crimes can take many forms – overbilling customers, fake vendor payments, skimming cash, false expense reporting, check tampering and more. Small businesses are not immune to these risks.


Smithsonian Magazine | March 3, 2022 - Boston police officers tell local media that the 1991 murder of Jimmy Marks might be linked to modern history’s biggest art heist.

MarketWatch | September 8, 2021 - The trusted controller of a family-run Pennsylvania packaging firm has been sentenced to two years in prison for stealing nearly $200,000 from the company’s coffers, sending it into bankruptcy and all its workers to the unemployment line.

Department of Justice | February 9, 2021 - A former KU Administrative Officer pleaded guilty to federal charges of bank fraud and filing a false tax return related to a scheme to embezzle money from KUMC.