Fine Art Insurance Coverage

Fine art collections can include paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and more. These high-value items can be at risk of loss, theft or damage. Unfortunately, many individuals and organizations that deal with fine art may not realize their standard insurance policy isn't enough until it's too late.

Great art deserves great protection

Great American offers fine art insurance for museums, galleries, private collections, libraries and conservators. Our underwriting expertise allows us to provide customized coverage that responds to various unique needs.

With Great American, you'll find:

  • Dedicated crime division
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Tailor made policies
  • Experienced in-house underwriting staff
  • Nine offices in North America
  • Prompt and accurate policy issuance
  • Relationship with global risk mitigation firm

Fine Art insurance coverage enhancements

  • Limits up to $50 million available
  • No standard warranties that would void coverage
  • Access to world class loss prevention and investigation
  • Specialized U.S. based Fine Art claims team
  • Coverage provided for loss of or damage to fine art that is owned by Assureds or for which they are legally liable
  • Domestic and international shipments covered
  • Includes items out on loan or on loan to the Assured

Fine Art insurance coverage highlights

  • Unique properties may be eligible for protection, including fine art, collectibles, musical instruments, stamps and coins, vintage vehicles and rare books.
  • A standard property policy isn’t likely to cover them adequately.
  • U.S. and international locations are covered. We’re a U.S. domiciled carrier writing on admitted paper, so your clients will not have to pay any U.S. surplus lines taxes.

Customize it!

Tailored insurance coverage is available to meet unique needs with the following program policy options:

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