Mining is a diverse and complex industry. Great American has kept pace with the industry by adapting its insurance products to meet the requirements of the ever changing market around the globe.

Insuring the mining industry requires specialists with both technical and practical knowledge. It requires a company that understands the mining industry and can offer well thought-out quotes as well as provide customized service. Great American is the insurer of choice for many of the world’s leading mining companies.


Great American underwrites mining industry exposures, including above-ground open pit mines, underground mines, smelting and refining operations for metals used in a wide variety of alloys, chemicals and pigments used in many industries.

For example:

  • Platinum group metals used in the manufacturing of catalytic convertors.
  • Gold, silver and platinum used in the manufacturing of many jewelry items.
  • Copper used in building construction and many electronic industries.
  • Gold used in electronic components.

Utilizing our experience, we fully evaluate the nature of the risk to provide our clients with the best and most competitive coverage available.

Precious Metals

Our team handles crime insurance for companies that have a high value of precious metals exposures. For example, businesses that use platinum, rhodium and palladium in the manufacturing process to make catalytic converters and companies that mine, refine and trade gold. We can assist you in the engineering of your transit and storage exposures.

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