The gaming industry has an enormous turnover of money and chips on a daily basis making it more susceptible to loss. From the blackjack table to the sports book to the accounting operations, vast amounts of money and chips pass through the hands of countless employees and guests. Employees and patrons still commit fraud against casinos despite extensive security measures.

Gaming risks have many of the same exposures as other businesses and are susceptible to vendor fraud, payroll schemes and computer fraud.

Coverage also considered, but not limited to the following:

  • Casinos
  • Native American Gaming
  • Race Track Betting
  • Gaming Boats
  • Lotteries

Our Approach to Gaming

Great American has been a leader in the gaming industry since 1995. We offer a stable market with fair and comprehensive underwriting standards, competitive pricing and outstanding loss control and claims service.

We offer products and services for every aspect of a casino’s cash handling operations. Great American uses a well-respected loss control firm to perform security surveys of customers' operations. We provide recommendations to our customers regarding ways they can improve security and reduce the operational risks of their gaming facilities.

The Casino Times - Spring 2024
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  • How to Prevent Employee Theft at Racetracks
  • Check Fraud is on the Rise: What You Should Know
  • Human Capital Risks
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