Abuse and Molestation Coverage is an often misunderstood coverage and frequently purchased with minimal, ineffective coverage limits. For social service organizations, especially those working with children or vulnerable adults, this can be one of the most needed coverages.

Great American Specialty Human Services offers Abuse or Molestation coverage as a part of your policy with us that also includes General Liability and Professional Liability. We help protect your organization if an accusation of actual loss happens.

Why Do you Need Abuse Coverage?

During a field trip, a teacher noticed that an eight-year-old boy was verbally assaulting another. The teacher took immediate action to separate the children and reported the incident in accordance with the school’s abuse reporting policy. The verbally assaulted child’s parents later sued the school and named the teacher responsible for the mental distress their child experienced. The school’s agent was well-versed on Great American’s abuse coverage and felt confident in the policy’s ability to provide protection for any actual, threatened or alleged act. The agent knew the policy covered both employee-on-client abuse and child-on-child abuse, and addressed sexual, physical and verbal abuse.

The Great American Advantage

Separate coverage limits
Our Abuse or Molestation limits are separate from the Professional and Commercial General Liability coverage parts. An Abuse or Molestation claim will not reduce the coverage available for Professional and Commercial General Liability losses.

Defense and expense costs outside limits
Claims related to abuse or molestation acts can incur high costs, including settlements, judgments and other obligations. Once you add in defense costs, the policy’s limit can quickly erode. This is especially true if the claim requires special defense experts. Therefore, our Abuse or Molestation coverage provides payment for related costs outside of the coverage limits.

Our services specific to Abuse or Molestation include:

  • Access to Praesidium’s expert knowledge and targeted abuse prevention and response through two valuable solutions:
    • Crisis Management Toolkit
    • Praesidium Helpline
    • Abuse training courses from Praesidium included in GreatAcademy
  • In-person and virtual presentations and workshops including Stewards of the Children, an award-winning program that teaches adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse
  • A Risk Resources Portal that includes:
    • Staff screening tips and guides to help ensure sound hiring practices
    • A sample vulnerable persons neglect policy for organizations to use with their employees
    • A library of safety topics specific to abuse and neglect
  • Discount background checks available through IntelliCorp®
  • Report, deter and mitigate inappropriate conduct including bullying, hazing and self-harm with STOPit’s anonymous user app.

Great American Specialty Human Services offers an extensive approach working to prevent abuse or molestation acts. Consultants work with organizations to evaluate their risk and develop plans and educational programs to address issues before they occur.

Please note, we are NOT a market for standalone Abuse or Molestation Insurance