Our General Liability Insurance provides a solid foundation of protection for human and social service organizations.

Great American Specialty Human Services offers a standard coverage form with expanded coverage options customized to meet the needs of your organization, and is written as part of the standard Great American package policy.

Why Do You Need General Liability Insurance?

General Liability coverage
A soup kitchen volunteer quickly mopped up an area where a guest had accidentally spilled his drink, but failed to put up the proper signage to warn others of the wet floor. Another guest entering the area slipped and fell, and broke her leg. The guest brought a bodily injury claim for damages, including pain and suffering and medical costs. The soup kitchen’s general liability policy covered the costs of defending the organization as well as the settlement.

Volunteer Medical Payments coverage
While painting the gym at a youth recreation center, a volunteer fell off a ladder and broke his wrist. Because the organization had medical payments coverage extending to volunteers, the volunteer received payment for his incurred medical bills without having to go through the difficult process of proving fault with the organization. This may have saved the organization steep costs in defense expenses.

Additional Insured coverage
A Grange member rented out its hall to an organization holding a fundraiser dinner. During the event, someone spilled a beverage on the floor leaving the ground slick. Shortly after, one of the guests slipped and fell, fracturing his wrist. The guest later brought suit against the Grange. Luckily, the contract in place with the renter required adding the Grange as an additional insured on a primary basis with an indemnity and defense provision. Their claims team was able to tender the defense and indemnity of the Grange to the renter’s insurance carrier.

Some human and social service organizations may provide services that need broadened protection. Because of this, Great American Specialty Human Services offers the Signature General Liability Broadening Endorsement.

We offer General Liability coverage to our nearly 200 classes of business with coverage features including:

  • Bodily injury and property damage coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Advertising injury and personal injury coverage
  • Occurrence form
  • General Liability broadening endorsement
  • Abuse/Molestation can be provided as part of the General Liability policy
  • Professional Liability coverage is available in conjunction with General Liability
  • Special Events coverage
  • Limits available up to $1Million/$3Million