Nonprofit and social service organizations that transport property to offsite events like fairs and mobile exhibits or move property from one location to another face loss exposures to their property while in transit. Items being shipped can be poorly secured or left unattended while a driver stops at a rest stop, leaving the items exposed to damage or theft.

Organizations like meal delivery organizations, veterinary clinics, or musical groups whose work relies on the transportation of equipment or goods are vulnerable to vehicle malfunction that may impact their ability to serve their communities. Great American Specialty Human Services has the solution for your inland marine insurance which can be written as part of the standard package policy.

Why You Need Inland Marine Coverage:

Consider this. During an off-premises exhibit, a museum employee locked several valuable relics in a truck overnight. When the employee returned, the relics were missing. After authorities determined the items were stolen, the museum felt some comfort knowing that its valuables were properly appraised and added as a special floater to its policy.

Specialty Human Services offers your human and social service organizations the inland marine coverage which is needed for the following items:

  • Account Receivables
  • Computer Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Signs
  • Theatrical Property
  • Valuable Papers