Social service organizations may spend significant time on the road. As you assign duties that require travel, selecting the right auto policy becomes essential for protecting your employees and volunteers as they carry out your organization’s mission.

Auto insurance provides financial, medical and personal protection. It can cover bodily injury, vehicular damage, theft and payment of medical bills.

Why You Need Coverage: Claims Scenarios

Non-Owned Auto Claim
A social service agency employee was running an errand on behalf of the agency in the employee’s personal auto, when she hit the stopped car in front of her at an intersection. The employee was cited for the accident. A filed lawsuit named both the employee and the social service agency as defendants. The employee’s personal auto carrier provided defense for her, and the agencies’ Great American Hired and Non-Owned Auto policy provided defense on behalf of the social service agency.

Physical Damage Collision Claim
A food bank added a brand new van to its fleet. On its first trip out, an employee slid off the road and hit a tree while making a delivery. Fortunately, the driver was unharmed, but the damage to the vehicle was extensive. The food bank’s Great American auto policy included collision coverage and paid for the damage caused by the accident.

Human and Social Services Signature Business Auto Broadening Endorsement

Your organizations may have large fleets of 15-passenger vans or school buses, box trucks, or accept donated vehicles. Great American Specialty Human Services offers a Signature Business Auto Broadening Endorsement that is an affordable auto insurance option that can help you protect them.

This endorsement provides a basket limit of insurance in addition to a schedule of additional coverages with specified limits.

Great American Specialty Human Services offers an extensive approach to help ensure your organization will remain operational after a loss.