Human and social service organizations have valuable property that require tailored protection so that they can focus on serving their communities.

Great American Specialty Human Services is proud to offer its industry-leading Property Coverage to protect your organization's property against risks like fire and theft.

Why Do You Need Property Coverage?

Building Coverage
Firemen rushed to extinguish the burning vacant building next door to a church, which saved it from catching fire. Afterwards, a congregant noticed the beautiful, specially commissioned mural on the church’s exterior was damaged by smoke from the nearby flames. The church quickly notified Great American and was pleased to learn that its building had been properly appraised to include the value of the mural.

Outdoor Signs Coverage
One morning, the manager of a historic preservation organization came in early, only to find the custom-made front sign had been vandalized. Quickly, she checked her Great American policy because she remembered its unique broadening endorsement provided up to $50,000 for signs.

Human and Social Services Property Broadening Endorsement

Your organizations may have property that is not specifically covered in a package policy. Great American’s Human and Social Services Property Broadening Endorsement is an affordable property insurance option that can help you protect them.

This endorsement provides a basket limit of insurance in addition to a schedule of additional coverages with specified limits.

Great American Specialty Human Services offers an extensive approach to help ensure your organization will remain operational after a loss.

Coverage highlights include:

Limits applied per location—a significant benefit! Unless otherwise indicated, coverage limits are applied on a per-location basis. Each scheduled location experiences the full benefit of having its own set of limits for most coverages in this endorsement.

Additional Limits: When an organization chooses to purchase the endorsement for a specific type of coverage, the Human and Social Services Endorsement's limits of insurance feature will apply in excess of the separately purchased insurance, providing a distinct advantage. This means your insured can receive the combined limit of what was specifically purchased plus the limit provided in this endorsement.