All organizations, including human and social services organizations, whether for profit or nonprofit, are held accountable for the protection of client and employee data. Data Compromise Coverage is designed to help you respond when faced with the financial burden and obligations of a data breach.

Specialty Human Services has the solution to offer you the coverage needed to help protect your data.

Why You Need Data Breach Insurance:

Consider this. A small nonprofit organization sends a monthly eNewsletter to a list of contacts who sign up to receive the mailing through the nonprofit's website. The list of more than 300 names and email addresses is inadvertently exposed and clients, donors and volunteers later report multiple counts of suspicious activity in their emails. Not only does this cause distress for the volunteers, it could also present legal trouble for the organization as well. Putting your social service organization at risk.

Data Breach Coverage Provides:

  • Legal review of statutory obligations which vary by state and circumstance.
  • Forensic information support to determine the nature and scope of the breach, to identify the individuals affected and the resources available to notify them.
  • Preparation and production of notifications and call center supports.
  • Credit monitoring for persons affected
  • Identity restoration case management and other personal services for victims of identity theft affected the data breach
  • $50,000 limit. $5,000 sublimit Legal and Forensic Information Technology Review. A deductible of $2,500 per any one Personal Data Compromise.