Your mission includes promoting individual development through fostering a motivational and creative environment. Our purpose is to enable you to manage risk by providing tailored coverage and specialized risk management for your unique exposures so you can carry out your mission.

Great American Specialty Human Services has provided specialized solutions to educational organizations for 40 years. Our experienced team is dedicated to protecting those who improve your community.

Why You Need Coverage: A Claims Scenario

Abuse or Molestation coverage
During a field trip, a teacher noticed that an eight-year-old boy was verbally assaulting another. The teacher took immediate action to separate the children and reported the incident in accordance with the school’s abuse reporting policy. The verbally assaulted child’s parents later sued the school and named the teacher responsible for the mental distress their child experienced. The school’s agent was well-versed on Great American’s abuse coverage and felt confident in the policy’s ability to provide protection for any actual, threatened or alleged act. The agent knew the policy covered both employee-on-client abuse and child-on-child abuse, and addressed sexual, physical and verbal abuse.

Our Educational Organizations Include:

  • Private & Charter Schools: Kindergarten through Twelfth GradePerforming Arts, Fine Arts and Music Schools
  • College Preparatory, Vocational and Technical Institutions
  • Adult Learning and Continuing Education
  • Schools and Job Training for Developmentally Disabled
  • Community and Junior Colleges, Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Seminary and Divinity Schools
  • Educational Support and Tutoring Services
  • Parent-Teacher Organizations and Student Service Organizations

Risk Management Services - Help Prevent Loss Before It Happens
Great American can offer risk management services included with the purchase of your policy:

  • SafetyFirst driver monitoring
  • StopIt smart phone app for anonymously reporting inappropriate behavior
  • Great American Loss Control assessments and learning including onsite active assailant training and child abuse prevention
  • Intellicorp discounted background checks
  • eRiskHub virtual defense
  • Aquatic safety consultants

Reduce Your Organization’s Risk - A Service Scenario
With StopIt, a latchkey program was able to curb bullying and other inappropriate behaviors while protecting the anonymity of the reporting students.

Great American Specialty Human Services understands the risks you face and we offer the coverages for schools and educational services who serve others and enable them to achieve their mission through our specialized program.

Our extensive coverage will help protect you

When you purchase insurance, you want to make sure that you are protecting a wide range of exposures. Highlights of our coverage include:

  • Abuse or Molestation coverage addresses sexual, physical and emotional abuse, which includes bullying
  • Professional Liability coverage includes protection for your teachers, counselors, nurses and non-degreed professionals including coaches and student teachers
  • Directors’ & Officers’ and Educators’ Legal Liability provides coverage for your principals, directors, board members and educators
  • Business Income and Extra Expense coverage includes loss of tuition and fees
  • Coverage for expenses for the Cleanup of Accidental Chemical Spills in the classroom
  • Medical payments for volunteers
  • Coverage for Medical Payments for volunteers (up to $20,000)
  • Owned Auto Liability and Physical Damage coverage includes buses and 15 passenger mini-vans
  • Comprehensive Cyber Risk coverage protects your website publishing liability, network security liability and more
  • Violent Event Response coverage offers prompt protection for expenses that could include evacuation, professional counseling and public relations assistance
  • Spoilage coverage for a covered loss of perishable food and stock stored on premises
  • Umbrella and Excess Liability limit options available that can include following form over Abuse and Professional Liability