As a nonprofit or social service organization, you face risks from using machinery for things such as refrigeration, heating and cooling your building and even lighting your facility or parking areas. If your organization does any of these, you may have an equipment breakdown exposure.

Great American Specialty Human Services has the solution for your equipment breakdown coverage which is written as part of the standard package policy.

Why You Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage:

Consider this. A crack formed in a section of the boiler and steam pipe fitting in a church basement. Steam leaked from the crack causing damage to the organ, choir robes and public address system. The church was forced to close for several weeks. If the church in this example had equipment breakdown coverage, the cost to repair the damaged equipment, organ and choir robes and the loss of business income resulting from the incident would be covered.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage Provides Protection For:

  • Direct damage to equipment, such as electronic, technological, electrical, refrigeration, controls in addition to boilers and pressure vessels
  • Expenses incurred to limit the loss or speed the business restoration
  • Lost value of spoiled products or material
  • Commissioned inspectors are used to survey boilers and pressure vessels required by many state and local governments at no additional charge to the policyholder.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance may be applicable if your organization experiences short circuits, power surges, operator error, mechanical breakdown, motor burnout, or electrical arcing and boiler damage.

We offer equipment breakdown insurance to our nearly 200 classes of business, including: