DairyPak® offers a uniform and comprehensive policy so you can protect your assets. It also offers a premium credit, where permitted, to reward the dairy farmers who meet high milk quality standards.

DairyPak® Features:

  • One policy payment can provide dwelling, farm property, business and personal liability, watercraft, auto and umbrella coverage.
  • Flexible premium payment plans to meet your cash flow demands.
  • Replacement cost coverage available on all dwellings and farm buildings when insured to 80% or more of replacement cost value.
  • Range of liability limits from $100,000 to $1 million with an option to provide coverage for incidental business pursuits.
  • Broad pollution liability options available for customized coverage.
  • Premium credits, where permitted, are available that reward the dairy farmer who meets high milk quality standards.
  • Unique coverage for loss of dairy cattle value due to covered cause of loss that disables your milking facility for an extended period of time.