If your social service organization uses vehicles to carryout daily duties, deal with vulnerable clients such as youth or elderly individuals or host a large number of visitors for special events, you may be exposed to high risk situations. Your primary insurance policy offers baseline coverage for your business. But it might not be enough to protect you in the event of a major loss.

Umbrella and excess liability insurance offers additional coverage beyond the limits of your organization's primary liability insurance. This coverage is designed to protect your organization from costly judgments and the high cost of defending lawsuits.

Why You Need Umbrella and Excess Liability:

Consider this. A volunteer staff member abuses multiple clients while working for your business. The incidents go unreported to management for several years and the resulting court case is settled for a very large sum.

A school bus is struck by an uninsured vehicle. The incident results in many injuries and extensive medical payments to the multiple students on board.

Both of these scenarios can lead to large loss settlements that may be greater than your primary policy limits. Putting your social service organization at risk.

Umbrella and Excess Coverage:

  • Automatic coverage for new entities
  • Broad Insured definition
  • “Duty to Defend” any lawsuit and investigate any claims for coverages provided by our policy
  • “Pay on behalf of” protection
  • Defense costs are in addition to limits
  • Separate limits for:
    • Each Occurrence
    • Products Completed
    • Operations Aggregate
    • General Aggregate
  • Follow form application limits
  • Broad definitions of bodily injury and personal injury
  • Worldwide protection