Help Protect Your Organization’s Truck Yard from Cargo Theft

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Loss of cargo is a pervasive threat faced by the transportation industry. One of the primary causes is theft, and it has worsened since 2021. During that time, incidents have increased, both in number and sophistication, across the nation. Vandalism is also a significant threat.

For carriers and terminal operators, the only way to stay ahead of increasingly capable criminal organizations is to be prepared. Minimizing loss requires vigilance for the duration the cargo is in their possession, so a robust approach to security begins where shipments originate – truck yards and warehouses.

What Should You Do? Three Cargo Security Measures to Implement Today

There are many options to enhance the level of security on your premises. By mitigating unauthorized access, the same measures can combat theft and vandalism. The most effective is a multi-faceted approach that includes the following three components:

Private Protection

Establish a layered perimeter security to help deter and prevent unauthorized access using a combination of measures:

  • Physical devices: Fencing, gates, lighting, signage, etc.
  • Electronic devices: Biometric readers, keycards/key fobs, loudspeaker/PA systems, etc.
  • Security guards: Employed or contracted, entrance booth and/or patrol
  • Monitoring: Security services, asset protection systems

Remember: An unattended entrance is arguably no safer than no gate at all. It’s crucial that access points are monitored and that it is made clear that monitoring is in progress (generally via signage). Sufficient lighting has also been statistically proven to drastically reduce crime. Dark, unattended yards are prime targets.


Enhance perimeter security further by taking advantage of the latest electronic devices and protecting your organization from increasing cyber threats.

  • Video surveillance provides real-time remote monitoring (preferably active) and recording to assist in incident investigation.
  • Central security systems provide real-time intrusion alerts directly to a security company, minimizing response time.
  • Cybersecurity can be handled by an in-house IT department or a contractor. Cybersecurity allows for the protection of digital infrastructure and sensitive data as well as protection from cyberattacks.

Remember: Businesses from all industries are increasingly reliant on cyberinfrastructure. The rise of the Internet of Things industry means many electronic devices, including those mentioned above, are controlled and monitored online. This means a cyberattack can be equally or more devastating than a physical attack, especially when crime groups use them in tandem.


Your organization is only as strong as the individuals who make it up. The suggestions above will not be effective without proactive management and conscientious employees.

  • Implement mandatory training for truck yard guards that addresses identifying threats and emergencies and responding to them efficiently.
  • Hold regular safety meetings that allow management to effectively communicate the latest security updates to employees.
  • Conduct periodic security audits/assessments to determine if any changes or updates need to be made. Also, consider utilizing an established and reputable third-party vendor to provide more objective and valuable insight.

Remember: Culture starts with ownership and management. If those in leadership positions do not embrace and promote a workplace that consistently emphasizes security, then neither will the employees. 

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