The unique risks of your business require specialization. You want to find a company that knows your industry and is committed to your long-term success.

So, what does it take to support the great work you do in a world as complex as specialty property & casualty insurance?

Someone who knows your space. People in every department who have real know-how and experience in your specialty.

Someone who shares your priorities. People who believe calls should be answered and decisions should be prompt.

Someone who has the freedom to do what’s right. People backed by the financial strength and entrepreneurial culture that empower them to make better decisions.

Our professionals are passionate about the industries they serve, bringing deep knowledge to your insurance needs.

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Our Industries

We understand the challenges facing any farm, ranch or agricultural business. Whether it’s to protect your crops, your buildings or the equipment you need for daily operations, we have insurance products to give you peace of mind. For example, our Crop Division has been helping farmers take control of their risks since 1915, and we are proud to be one of the world’s leading providers of equine insurance.

Because aviation is a complex industry, you need an insurance provider with extensive experience and one that understands the unique risks of aviation operations. Our expertise in the industry includes landslide operations, air traffic control, commercial pilot operations and more. So whether you’re looking for primary or excess solutions, we can provide coverage tailored specifically to your particular needs.

The services industry focuses on making the people and businesses they serve better. Because of this, we understand the importance of your reputation, and offer coverages that protect you from hazards such as management liability, accidents and cyber incidents. See how our innovative products can safeguard your organization.

So many aspects of the construction industry need protection. Your employees, your equipment, your materials and your finances are just a few areas of your business that require special coverage. We have the products and services to support your every need.

As a public and/or charitable organization, you have specialized insurance needs. Whether you are looking for coverage for a museum, library, church or art gallery—we’ve got you covered. Our specialized insurance solutions help you manage your risks while protecting your valuable assets, including your reputation. Learn more here.

As a leading insurance provider, we understand that the education industry requires specialized coverage. From accident coverage for your special events to sound protection for private schools and daycare facilities, we offer comprehensive insurance solutions to help you effectively manage the variety of risks associated with your educational institution.

At Great American, we know the risks involved in energy-related industries. Protecting your employees, your equipment and your transportation is as important to us as it is to you. We offer the specialized protection you need. Learn more about the ways we can support your business.

Whether you own one pleasure horse or a barn full of Thoroughbreds, horses are an ongoing investment that deserve insurance coverage. With the wide variety of horse breeds and uses, it’s important to choose a carrier that understands the unique risks of every equine situation.

We specialize in insurance and risk management services to protect a broad range of equipment types, and we offer a complete suite of insurance solutions for the entire equipment distribution channel.

Financial institutions are under intense scrutiny from shareholders, regulators, creditors and employees, among others. We offer a broad, flexible variety of specialized insurance policies to give you many options in reducing your exposure to financial loss.

The coverage needs of the food and beverage industry are diverse, and you need a trusted provider who can perfectly pair those risks with the right solutions. Especially when your assets have limited life, the critical ingredient you cannot be without is insurance. We offer five-star products and services to satisfy every appetite.

We know that your industry has many diverse needs. From insuring your specialized equipment to your buildings to your employees, we have products and support that are ideal for—and specific to—healthcare. We can tailor our coverage to meet your exact needs. Let us show you how we can help safeguard your healthcare facility.

Delivering client satisfaction in the hospitality and leisure industry requires specialized expertise and a deep understanding of flawless customer service. We know the entrepreneurial mindset and customer-focused approach you need to take with your insurance solutions. Check out our customizable coverages that offer a broad range of benefits.

As a business specializing in manufactured goods, you understand the challenge of securing appropriate insurance coverage. We are a leading provider of insurance across multiple industries, and we understand your needs—whether you are a sporting goods, cosmetics or auto parts industry. And that’s just a small sample of the businesses we support.

The seas can be uncertain, so you need trusted, niche experts on your side who can identify and deliver critical solutions to protect your assets. Only a handful of carriers have the depth of experience and the extensive products that we offer the maritime industry. See how our experience and expertise make it possible for you to confidently navigate the journey ahead.

There are so many types of nonprofit organizations that it’s impossible to list them all here. But we can certainly cover them all! From community service clubs to veterans’ organizations to social agencies and recreational facilities, we have the insurance solutions you need. Our coverage focuses on the risks that nonprofit groups encounter when serving the needs of local communities.

Professional Services covers a wide array of businesses. Fortunately for your business, we offer a wide array of products to meet your every need. We understand the importance of protecting your company from hazards such as employee theft, computer fraud and fraudulence in business processing. Check out all of the ways we can tailor our coverage to ensure your protection.

We are committed to providing customized insurance programs that meet the unique risk management needs of public entities. We specialize in creative solutions for municipalities, schools and governmental entities, available as both reinsurance and excess insurance.

Your industry has unique insurance needs. We tailor our coverage and enhance our standard policies to ensure you are protected against the specific exposures faced by your operations. Whatever insurance coverage you need, we can provide and offer support.

We know that the retail industry faces many challenges. From theft of receipts, to robberies of stores, to fraudulent business processing, your business needs specialized protection. In addition to this coverage, you also need to protect your physical plants and your employees. We can help provide this security and more.

Technology drives the systems, equipment and operations of virtually all businesses. What’s more, evolving technology is creating different, costly and complicated new risks for business owners. We offer coverage designed to address today’s modern equipment risks, including cyber security.

The transportation industry covers a lot of ground—and air and water. Areas in which your industry may require protection include marine cargo handling, waterfront terminal operations, and robbery of truck drivers, as well as the vehicles and the people who operate them. We understand that there are many other needs in this industry, and we are prepared to help you cover them.

As a leading insurance provider, we understand the needs of your industry. We provide coverage for your every need, knowing fully the risks you face. We'll protect your business from materials theft, fictitious orders and counterfeit currency, among other risks. What’s more, we'll safeguard your warehouses and storage facilities while also insuring your employees.