Great American Financial Institution Services specializes in providing risk management and product enhancement programs to vehicle lenders and lessors, commercial equipment lenders, auto dealers and mortgage lenders throughout the U.S. and Canada. Target clients include commercial banks, credit unions, finance companies, buy-here pay-here dealers and leasing and rental concerns.

We insure all forms of collateral securing mortgages, retail installment contracts and loans. This includes but is not limited to residential and commercial real property, commercial vehicles, commercial contents and equipment, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, watercraft and aircraft.

Great American Financial Institution Services provides insurance products through agents and General Agents specializing in providing solutions for financial institutions needs. With an average experience level of over 20 years, Great American Financial Institution Services is staffed with an energetic team of professionals empowered to respond quickly and decisively to the needs of our target clients and producer partners.

Great American Financial Institution Services proactively develops new products and services from our Cincinnati and suburban Chicago locations. Our guiding principle is to make business easier, more secure and more profitable for our customers and producer partners through innovative product concepts and insurance solutions. Aligning our interests with those of our clients and producer partners has helped us become industry leaders in responding to the ever changing needs in the financial institution and dealer marketplaces.

Some of our products include:

  • Lender Placed Mortgage Hazard and Flood Insurance
  • Real Estate Owned Property and Liability Insurance
  • Blanket Mortgage Fire Insurance
  • Lender Placed Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)
  • Instant Issue Collateral Protection Insurance (IICPI)
  • Blanket Lender's Single Interest Insurance (VSI)
  • Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP)
  • Lender's Equipment Physical Damage Insurance
  • Credit Card Data Security Insurance
  • Leased Contents and Household Goods Physical Damage
  • Credit Involuntary Unemployment / Job Loss Insurance
  • Debt Cancellation Reimbursement Insurance
  • Franchise Rental Vehicle Liability and Physical Damage
  • Tenant Liability / Security Deposit / Renters Insurance
  • Dealer Service Contract, Warranty and Loyalty Programs