Coverage Corral

Equine Arena Footing

AP 8881 is an optional endorsement that allows for insurance of arena footing within a Coverage G structure with a roof cover. “Roof cover” does not require a four-walled building, only that the roof cover is over the arena. In the event that the building housing the arena footing incurs physical damage, which in turn damages the arena footing, the coverage would apply. The causes of loss that apply to the footing will follow those provided on the building. The limit of insurance that is applicable to the footing is part of the building limit, so the footing value must be included in the building limit when added. There is no separate charge for this coverage, which makes it an attractive option for your insured.

Who Needs Crime Coverage?

Every business has internal and external theft exposures. Most commercial property policies exclude or limit coverage for theft by employees. The ISO Commercial Crime Coverage Form covers exposure for theft or destruction of money and securities, as well as acts of employee theft, robbery, forgery, extortion and computer fraud. The extra protection that Crime Coverage affords makes it an affordable choice for businesses. The best protection against crime is to prepare for it. Ask your underwriter how this coverage can place your clients in a more secure position if crime strikes.

Equine Coverage Extension Endorsement

The Equine Coverage Extension Endorsement provides additional coverage under Coverage E for tack, animal health products that are refrigerated or frozen, signs and entrance gates, fences, hay, corrals and pens. If you would like more information about this, your underwriter will be happy to speak with you and provide you additional details on how this endorsement delivers additional coverage for these items.

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