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Cyber Risk Insurance Coverage

Cyber risk insurance coverage is now offered as an endorsement to our Farm Liability Coverage. Aggregate limits of $50,000, $100,00 or $250,000 are offered with a standard deductible of $1,000. Six separate insuring agreements are contained in the coverage:

  1. Security Breach Expense
  2. Extortion Threats including Ransom Payments (20% of the Policy Aggregate Limit)
  3. Replacement or Restoration of Electronic Data
  4. Business Income and Extra Expense (10% of the Policy Aggregate Limit)
  5. Public Relations Expense (5% of the Policy Aggregate Limit)
  6. Security Breach Liability (Defense Within Limits)

To obtain a quote, please complete the Cyber Questionnaire located on the AgriBusiness® Division Agency Portal and forward it to your Underwriter for consideration.

Additional Insureds – Adding is Now Automatic!

With the roll out of the new farm liability coverage form, additional insureds are now automatically added when a written contract or agreement is in place or when an oral agreement or contract requires a certificate of insurance (COI). No longer do you need to request additional insureds to be added or deleted – a time saving win! If you get a request to see it in paper, issuing a COI will be sufficient to prove coverage.

Coverage description is summarized. Refer to the actual policy for a full description of applicable terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Online portal may not be available at all times. Coverage not available in all states. Refer to the actual policy for a full description of applicable terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Policies are underwritten by Great American Insurance Company, Great American Insurance Company of New York, Great American Alliance Insurance Company, and Great American Assurance Company, which are authorized insurers in 50 states and the District of Columbia. The Great American Insurance Group eagle logo and the word marks Great American®, Great American Insurance Group® and AgriBusiness® are registered service marks of Great American Insurance Company. © 2021 Great American Insurance Company, 301 E. Fourth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. All rights reserved. 5628-AGB (2/21)

AgriBusiness® is pleased to showcase pomi, Great American's new Accident & Health Division that will further support your clients' needs.


What's pomi?

It is the re-branded accident and health division of Great American Insurance Group and simply stands for Peace Of Mind Insurance.

Why should I sell it?

  1. With almost 50,000 injuries every year in our industry, your equine clients need this affordable peace of mind protection*. It covers all types of horse-related activities including:
    • lessons
    • training
    • therapeutic riding
    • camps
    • horse shows
    • horse events
  2. It has a competitive commission structure.

How is this different from the med pay afforded in the AgriPak® policy with AgriBusiness®?

This is designed to be a no-fault Insurance that is excess to an individual's health insurance but can also be purchased as primary. As you know, the AgriBusiness® Farm Liability form affords $10,000 in med pay but this is often not enough in the event of an Equine related injury. This coverage allows you to write coverage limits up to $100,000 automatically or up to $300,000 with further underwriting information provided.

Pomi is an acronym for peace of mind insurance – and it’s a piece of cake for you!

The exclusive pomi portal allows you to click and bind in just minutes!

Better protection for your clients, less hassles for you!


Watch this quick video.

You'll see why it's Simple. Easy. Awesome!

Plus, it's even more convenient than ever - now accessible on Great American's agent portal.


Now that you can click & bind most policies in just 3 minutes, what are you waiting for?! Join the pomi party today!

Request a login and get going!

Skip the training and you can start earning commission now. Send an email with your first and last name, agency and email.

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