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Help Us Avoid Asking Questions

Are we asking too many questions? Here are some of the most common questions our underwriters and associate underwriters ask when receiving endorsements for various changes to policies. Providing information to these questions when sending in the request will help to insure a quick turnaround time!

  • Adding additional insureds – what is their relationship and interest to the insured? Does it change the exposure?
  • Address changes to an auto policy (CAP) – did they change the registration?
  • Mortgage changes – which location? Which structures or all?
  • Change of Address – does this affect the mortgagee and/or billing? If primary dwelling, is the occupancy the same?

Just a reminder: When an insured requests to add an additional insured, make sure they understand that there is no coverage unless the named insured is negligent. Additional insureds can benefit in having their own separate policy. Talk to your underwriter if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

Dwelling Enhancement Coverage

Please do not forget to sell the Dwelling Coverage Enhancement (AP 8848). It is a great way to add additional coverages and enhancements to dwellings that are valued at $250,000 or more and owner-occupied. The charge is only $250 with package debits or credits applying. Please contact your underwriter for additional information on this product.

Dwelling Coverage Enhancement Limits
Outdoor Antennas $5,000
Appurtenant Structure 20% of limit of insurance
Signs and Entrance Gates $5,000
Household personal property special limits
Money $3,000
Letters of credit $10,000
Watercraft $5,000
Trailers $5,000
Business property, insured location $5,000/$2,500
Electronic apparatus & accessories in/on motor vehicle $3,000
Trees, shrubs and lawns $3,000
Refrigerated products $2,000
Removal of fallen trees $2,000

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