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New Business Ventures

What are the coverage considerations when underwriters receive applications that are new business ventures? Coverage for new business ventures requires a closer look at operations. In order to help facilitate a decision as to whether or not coverage will be offered, here are a few questions that are used in the determination of risk:

  • Does the insured have any prior experience in managing the type of farm under consideration? Is there previous experience with horses if it is an equine operation?
  • If there is no prior experience, is someone other than the insured managing the business/operations? If so, how many years of experience do they have?

Having the answers to these questions in application can help facilitate a quick response and a more accurate quote.

Anesthesia Coverage for Your Horse

What is anesthesia? Anesthesia is the use of medicines to prevent Pain during surgery and other procedures. These medicines are called anesthetics. They may be given by injection, inhalation, topical lotion, spray, eye drops or skin patch.

Why do I have to buy it if I have Full Mortality? This coverage comes into play when the horse is undergoing an elective procedure or a procedure involving a condition that is excluded from the policy.

What does it cover? It covers complications for the anesthetic risk only.

How much does it cost? 1.0% of the value of the horse or a minimum premium of $100.00 - whichever is greater.


Example of the endorsement:

In consideration of an additional premium of________, It is hereby understood and agreed that coverage will be extended solely for the general anesthetic risk with respect to: 

It is hereby understood and agreed that the elective surgery for ______ is excluded from the policy as per the terms and conditions of the Policy.


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