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Conducting web research

Did you know that a lot of our underwriting questions involve information we stumbled across on the web? During the underwriting and renewal process, we conduct a search of websites related to the insured or applicant to get an overall picture of their current operations.

As a member of our team, you, the agents, can curb some of these questions by conducting a web search of your own during your initial contact with the applicant/insured or prior to submitting the business. This article is intended to help produce better search results and provide an idea of the relevant information that can be found on the web.

Search tips:

  • Search for all intended Named Insureds using a search engine as well as Facebook. Make sure to include common hypocorisms for names. For example, it may help to search for Susie or Sue as well as Susan.
  • Include the city and state of the mailing address or location address in your search for a Named Insured.
  • Search the location address. This can give you access to Google Street View as well as online listing photos, whether the property is for sale currently or not. This can give you a broad overview of the condition of the property.

What to look for:

  • Fencing – Is the fencing in use an acceptable type for equine confinement under our program?
  • Operations – Do the operations the applicant/insured described to you match what is on their website?
  • Condition of the Structures – Does the property appear well-maintained?
  • Risk Management – This is a broad subject, but certain aspects can easily be found on the web.
  • Do children wear appropriate clothing and helmets while riding?
  • How is housekeeping at the facility?

We encourage you to participate in web searches both when preparing to submit business and on renewals as operations may pop up during the expiring term. By working together to address the questions raised by information found on the web, we can help speed up the quoting and renewal processes.

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