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A Quick Tip for a Quicker Quote

We encourage the use of our Equine Farm Application when sending in submissions as this will expedite the quoting process by providing the rating information we need up front. Our application is tailored to the coverages we offer and also provides options for coverages available to applicants that may not be available through other carriers. We understand the need for ease of doing business and it may not always be possible to fill out our application. Unfortunately, all carriers do not use the same rating basis and this can cause delays and inaccuracies with the initial quote, resulting in requotes. If you send in another carrier’s application, the below table will assist you in providing the correct rating basis we need to provide you with a quote and help expedite the quoting process so you may receive a faster, more accurate quote the first time.

We also encourage you to review the applicant’s website and Facebook pages as this will help eliminate additional underwriting questions if discrepancies are addressed at initial submission.

FARM PREMISES Acreage of Each Location
HORSE SHOWS Number of Show Days
Average Number of Participants per Day
Average Number of Spectators per Day
SHOW STEWARDS/JUDGES Annual Gross Receipts
COURSE DESIGNERS Annual Gross Receipts
OWNED HORSES Total Number of Owned Horses
STABLES - BOARDING (for boarding only no training or breeding) Total Number of Horses Boarded
BROODMARES (large number of broodmares, no stallions or breeding on the farm) Total Number of Owned Broodmares
RIDING INSTRUCTION (teaching the rider) Number of Students (not lessons) Taught per Week
STABLES – TRAINING, BOARDING, BREEDING (any combination of training, boarding and breeding) Annual Payroll
LIVESTOCK SALES (in the business of selling horses and bloodstock consignors) Annual Gross Sales
Number of Horses Sold Annually
CLINICS Total Number of Annual Clinic Days
RIDING CLUBS Total Number of Members
EQUESTRIAN DAY CAMPS Number of Campers per Week
Total Number of Weeks
CAMPGROUNDS (RV hookups for Horse Shows) Annual Gross Receipts
RESTAURANTS/CONCESSIONS Annual Gross Receipts (if beer/wine/liquor is sold please break out beer/wine/liquor sales separately)
UNLICENSED FARM TRUCK LIABILITY Year, Make, Model, Serial Number and Gross Vehicle Weight of Each non-registered vehicle
RECREATIONAL VEHICLE LIABILITY Year, Make, Model and Serial Number of each Recreational Vehicle (that leaves the farm premises)

Information Sharing – Best Practices

The relationship between agents and our underwriters is important to us. We encourage the sharing of information to help keep you (and us) informed about relevant events pertaining to insured’s accounts. But we also know that information, like any data, can be sensitive and potentially problematic if shared with others outside of the organization. We encourage everyone to first consider if the nature of what you know is something that should be shared outside of the conversation with your underwriter or representative of the company. As the old saying goes, “information is power,” and it is important to make sure that information stays within the boundaries of what is best for all. Being mindful of what is shared with others helps us all stay in the best practices for business.

Top of the Range

You may have noticed a change in the way the exposure for General Liability and Care Custody or Control is being displayed on your policies.

Some of our General Liability codes are filed in “ranges” and not “per”*. This means if an insured has three Owned Horses, the codes that best fit are 1-5. We have started using the top of this range as the exposure on the policies. This will cut down on the need to increase or decrease codes where there is no money generated.

The same can be said for the Care, Custody or Control coverage. It is the same rate for up to 20 horses. We will be using 20 as the number of horses for anything under that. This will also cut down on the need to increase or decrease this coverage, where there is no money generated.

*Note: If the exposure for a General Liability code is higher than a filed range, we will use a “per” rating.

Retirement Announcements

Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter

Retiring on December 30, 2021 after 23 years of distinguished service!

Karen began her career with Equine AgriBusiness® in 1998 and has seen so many changes along her journey. She has played an integral role in the growth and development that has made the Equine AgriBusiness® Division successful today. Karen is the ultimate team player and has trained many people along the way.

Karen and her husband, Craig, are planning some travel, more fishing/boating days and spending more time with their parents who are all in their 80’s. She plans to also spend more time with her children, Johnathan, Jacob and Jason and, of course, her grandchildren, Kaylee, Emma, Zachary, Kerrington, Hagen, Olivia, Arabella, Corbin, Amara and Wyatt.

Patti Dennison

Patti Dennison

Retiring on December 24, 2021 after 15 years of distinguished service!

Patti began her career with Equine AgriBusiness® in 2006 as an Associate Underwriter and worked her way up to a Senior Underwriter. She has helped grow the Equine book significantly and has fostered great relationships with her agents, thus increasing profitability. She is steadfast and diligent in her work and is greatly appreciated.

Patti and her husband, Skip, are looking forward to traveling and visiting with her sons, Ryan and Donavan, and of course the grandchildren, Caleb and Drew.

Please join us in wishing both Karen Carpenter and Patti Dennison the best of luck in their retirement. They will be greatly missed.

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