Through Great American Insurance Company - Canadian Branch, a branch of Great American Insurance Company, a specialty property and casualty insurer, we offer export and domestic trade credit insurance products that facilitate global trade and related trade financing activities for corporate and financial institutions domiciled in Canada.

Our Reputation and Track Record

Member companies of Great American have been longstanding members of the International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers, Berne Union. We have serviced our insureds through many political and financial crises around the world including the global financial crises in 2007-2008. We have managed our risks and paid significant claims over the years, demonstrating that we are a reliable and consistent trade credit insurance partner.

Broad Product Line

We have a wide range of products for companies and financial institutions that cover multiple types of transaction structures. To this we add our clear policy wordings and flexible approach to tailoring coverages to satisfy specific customer needs.

Underwriting Expertise

Our underwriting staff is accessible to discuss your requests or explore coverage possibilities on complex transactions. Our many years of underwriting experience equip us to respond knowledgeably to your needs, work with you to understand a specific risk, or customize policy language.

Transparent Cost

With Great American, there are no extra costs or fees. We do not charge additional fees for underwriting buyer credit limits or for in-house collection of bad debts.

Quality Service

We are organized to provide quality service. Each of our customers is assigned to a team of experienced underwriters, who handle all aspects of your relationship with the company, including initial quoting, servicing the policy and policy renewals.


We understand that an insurer's reputation for handling claims is an important part of the purchase decision. Our in-house claims adjustment professionals have broad experience in our product line through all stages of the claims process; from loss prevention through claims adjustment, claims payment and pursuit of recoveries.


Great American's in-house collection team have helped our customers collect millions of dollars for their own account related to coinsurance, deductibles and amounts in excess of their approved limit.