Independent brokers find the best fit for your business by soliciting competitive terms and pricing from the broad insurance market. By regularly doing business with various insurance carriers, independent brokers can find you the best combination of:

  • price
  • quality service
  • clear policy wording
  • claims paying reputation
  • insurer financial strength
  • flexibility

Captive agents, on the other hand, can only advise you on the pricing and terms of the one insurance carrier they represent. Use an independent broker to compare and find the best trade credit insurance solution for your company!

Know the Cost

Is it more costly to purchase Great American trade credit insurance sold through an independent broker than from an insurance carrier that sells directly through its captive agents? Our answer is "no!"

Insurance carriers either pay an independent broker's commission or they pay for their own captive sales force. Often when there is no competition, carriers tend to be less flexible in pricing or structure. At the end of the day all that matters is that you find the best price, terms, and policy structure to meet your needs. An independent broker is the best advisor to do this for you.

Let a Broker Service Your Policy

After a policy is sold, independent brokers continue performing valuable day-to-day services, monitoring the adequacy of your coverage limits and policy terms as market conditions fluctuate, and making sure that your claims are handled fairly. They also have a sense of pricing and capacity trends in the insurance market and can advise you to remarket your policy to compete for better terms.