Builder’s Risk Webinar Recap and Loss Control Safety Hub

Great American’s Property & Inland Marine and Loss Control teams cover best practices for a submission, claim examples and proactive measures you can take to manage risk related to construction projects.

Best Practices for Preventing Builders Risk Losses

For those looking for a specific topic, we have provided the time each topic is discussed so you can jump to that portion of the presentation.

Key Points to Underwriting Builders Risk

  • Art Sieder 1:50
  • High level overview of the Cornerstone Complete form 2:30-6:25
  • What makes a good submission? 6:25-21:30

Large Loss Examples and Reporting Claims

  • Matt Beaver 21:38
  • Best Practices for Submitting a Claim 24:10
  • How to submit a claim 26:30
    • [email protected]
    • 800-584-0835 (US only)
    • After hours claims reporting 866-354-0148 CODE 15797 (US only)
    • After hours clean-up assistance 800-737-7663 (US only)
  • The claims process
  • How to minimize a loss 33:00

Best Practices for Preventing Losses 36:52

  • Shane Goldsby 36:24
  • Loss Control suggestions

Check out our Loss Control Safety Hub

The Great American Loss Control Division proudly presents the Loss Control safety hub. The Loss Control safety hub covers actual and potential hazards, and is your technical resource to learn about risk management topics and interact with the Loss Control Division. The hub houses an extensive library of materials such as:

  • Checklists
  • Training Solutions
  • Technical Guides
  • Webinar Replays
  • Value Added Service Providers

These resources were created with you in mind, and are ready for immediate use. Take advantage of this valuable online resource to strengthen your risk management program today!

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