Builders Risk Webinar

Great American’s Property & Inland Marine and Loss Control teams cover best practices for a submission, claim examples and proactive measures you can take to manage risk related to construction projects.

Best Practices for Preventing Builders Risk Losses

For those looking for a specific topic, we have provided the time each topic is discussed so you can jump to that portion of the presentation.

Key Points to Underwriting Builders Risk

  • Art Sieder 1:50
  • High level overview of the Cornerstone Complete form 2:30-6:25
  • What makes a good submission? 6:25-21:30

Large Loss Examples and Reporting Claims

  • Matt Beaver 21:38
  • Best Practices for Submitting a Claim 24:10
  • How to submit a claim 26:30
    • [email protected]
    • 800-584-0835 (US only)
    • After hours claims reporting 866-354-0148 CODE 15797 (US only)
    • After hours clean-up assistance 800-737-7663 (US only)
  • The claims process
  • How to minimize a loss 33:00

Best Practices for Preventing Losses 36:52

  • Shane Goldsby 36:24
  • Loss Control suggestions

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